DDTank games from the famous Aeria games

The most famous Aeria games had introduced Ddtank as one of the first browser games that has background music and special effects. Players worldwide can now play this game against each other for free of cost. They can engage in wars with a variety of cartoon characters. These characters are strange and have unique weapons with them. Players have to find out ways to provide safety and comfort to these characters.

The game can be downloaded on any kind of web browser of your choice absolutely free of cost. There are over 3.5 million players who have already registered for this game and are now sharing their experiences around the world. The best thing about this game is that there are hilarious weapons which are used by the characters. This game continues to be the extension of those traditional hit games.

The DdTank game is an inspiration from the Second World War. The weapons and the game are designed keeping in mind the medium tank that was used during the war. The game is a 2D turn MMO shooter. The players are required to hit the opponents across the map and aim at angling their shots. The entire mechanism is much similar to the classic “worms” games.

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